marți, iulie 07, 2009

Feeling ...

It's just that feeling that I cannot describe and, in a way, I don't wanna describe at all. It's just a feeling that makes me weak and makes the others do their thing. It's just that feeling, of loneliness and deceivement, that I cannot stand. I'm gonna loose my mind, but I don't care. It's ok, I really don't mind ... I learned to take all that it's given as it is and I will not change anything at all ever again. This is me ... this is real ... Real life is here and will never go away, so stop dreaming and keep on moving. Life it's your's if you know how to ask for it. This is you ! That is you ! Be yourself and no one else and keep on moving, oper your eyes. You'll see all the things you'll ever need, but just stand up for everything you believe !

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