miercuri, ianuarie 09, 2008

tears ...

my tears are rolling down
i can't stop them falling
my heart is crying every night
i can't calm her down
my eyes are red
and the face is sad
my lips just lost their happiness
and my soul is alone
i want a flame to worm me up
to see a smile and make me happy
i want a hug to feel alive
i don't know if i exist anymore
i don't know if i have a soul
or if i can love again like i used to
i don't know anything that matters
but i know u
i see u in my mind
i know u can bring me to life
that your hug will remind me i'm alive
your kiss could worm me up
and give my soul someone to live with
u can make me happy again
but u are not here, by myside
you killed my soul
our love died for you
and with the love, i died too ...

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