marți, ianuarie 29, 2008

What is love ...

What love is supposed to mean?
what is so different about you?
why should i believe in you?
why should i need you?
i just ask why .....
What can you give to me?
you can't make me yours.
if you falled in love with me,
is your problem and not mine.
I can say many things
but i don't know if you agree with me.
the rest of my life is only mine.
not yours and will never be yours.
let me live how i know.
let me live without you.
let me live loving who i want.
don't tell me anymore,
whom should i love again.
you don't exist for me.
i can't see you.
you're like my brother.
i can't love you like you want.
just don't tell me what to do anymore.

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