joi, noiembrie 20, 2008

Not in the mood

I just wanna get out of this prison that's inside me. Can someone help me? I feel alone, I'm sad. I don't know what is the problem, i just wanna escape. I wanna go somewhere, anywhere. I want a place where I can forget about everything. Where is that place that i'm looking for? I'm so sad sometimes and in spite of this, e keep smilling and I say to myself that everything is ok. I can'd do this anymore. I need a hug, a warm one so that I can be brought to life. I'm so cold sometimes. I'm scared of the next minute that comes. What could happen? Don't have a clue. Could someone tell me that everything it will be allright? Everything will turn out to be good for me and for everyone. Is someone that coul tell me that? Is someone who can hug me? And give wormth to my body? No!!! I need a place when my tears can drole on my face and where no one can ask me what is the problem. I need that kind of place. And i'm sick of trying to find it. I'm sick of everything. Just shut up and let me live my life the way i want. I hate you all! For the moment. I don't know what is gonna be tomorow or in the next minute. Please go and don't turn back until I say so. At least for the moment.

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