marți, februarie 10, 2009

Keep on ...

I keep on dreaming, keep on living, keep on making my own life,
I keep on smilling, keep on laughting, keep on hidding from the rain
I`m left alone, here, by my own, I feel so scared and broken, again
I keep on holding of what I still have, but you`re the one I need
You broke my heart, and kill my soul, you took everything I had
You still believe that you could live like you used before?
I tell you that you`ll gonna pay for every harm you meant
You cannot tell that you`re not guilty, because you`ll feel the pain
Yes, I`m a bitch, when you deserve and you can shut up now
Yes, I can make you feel so bad, but I`m an angel too
No, I can`t harm you, couse you`re ... you
No, I can`t make you cry
No, I can`t break you`re heart like you
No, I can`t kill your soul
Because you are the one I love
Yes, I still love you, by the way
And you`re the one that keeps me up
When I`m so tired and so weak
That`s why I can`t kill your soul ...

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